Ten Tips to Help You Win Cooking and Recipe Contests

If you enjoy creating wonderful meals and dishes in your kitchen … DO consider entering a few of the MANY cooking and recipe contests available throughout the year.  Cooking contest have some of the highest PRIZE MONIES of any other kind of creative contests.  Why?  The food industry is a billion dollar industry and their mission is to keep their products on your mind and in your stomach!

When you think of bake-off … what comes to mind?  Yes, you probably said the Pillsbury Bakeoff.  And rightly so.  It is one of the longest running and THE most highly paid cooking contest ever, with the grand prize of a cool MILLION dollars.

Here are ten great tips for creating great recipes and positioning yourself to WIN the next cooking contest you enter.

1. Follow the directions very carefully. Read them twice … and then read them again before you send in your submission.

2. Do not use abbreviations.  Use tablespoon instead of tbsp.

3. Make your recipe as simple and easy to prepare as you can. The sponsors are looking for a recipe that everyone wants to try out and they won’t try if your recipe is complicated.

4. Use accurate measurements. If you are entering a US based contest don’t use metric measurements. If yothe contest sponsor is in Canada, it is probably wise to use US measurements, but DO check with the contest sponsor.

5. Feature the contest sponsor’s product. Make the product the focus of your recipe.

6. If this is an ongoing or annual contest, analyze recipes that have been chosen as previous winners.

7. Use ingredients that are readily available.

8. Write directions in easy to read and complete sentences.

9. List the  ingredients in order of use.

10. Use your creativity when naming your recipe … make it appealing to the ear, eye and mouth!

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