Ten MORE Tips to Help You Win Cooking and Recipe Contests

If you are serious about Winning Cooking and Recipe contests, you’ve got to keep current with recipe, diet and health trends. Keep up with current trends by getting subscriptions to appropriate cooking magazines and looking through current cook books.  Watch the cooking shows to see if you can spot trends and techniques. Study how popular cookbook authors describe and name their recipes and how they write their directions.

Of course the most FUN part of entering the contests … aside from winning … is the opportunity to test your new recipes on your family and friends.

Here are Ten MORE Tips to Help you Win!

11. Simplify your recipe by combining steps.

12. Create recipes using new ingredients that have shown up on grocery shelves. For example, kiwis used to be an exotic fruit … but is now commonly available.

13. Create versatile recipes.

14. Enhance the flavor of your dish.

15. Include the size of pots, pans, or casseroles.

16. Don’t forget to include the cooking temperatures and times. You could also include the preparation time.

17. State the number of servings.

18. The recipe should appeal to a wide audience.

19. Never send in hand written entries.  Be sure to keep a copy of your own recipe, and keep track of the contests and what you entered  (you can enter some contests monthly).

20. Triple check the contest rules!

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