Winning Sweepstakes

Contest Guru’s Guide To Winning Sweepstakes

Win BIG now!

Do you want to win trips, cars, big screen TV’s, computers, money and more? Have you ever wondered why “some” people are so lucky and win over and over again? Have you ever wondered what their “secret” is?

There are hundreds of sweepstakes open for entry every day of the year, and thousands of prizes available for you to win. Sweepstakes are FREE to enter!

BIG prizes include cars, home renovations worth a $100,000+, round-the-world trips, and big cash prizes of $10,000 and more. Medium sized prizes include home theatre systems, computers, full camera systems, trips to Disney World, Europe and more. Small prizes range from books, T-shirts, and hats to ipads, iphones, watches, beauty bundles and more.

Have you ever walked by a draw box in a store and NOT entered? BIG mistake! – these sweepstakes have some of the best odds going.

Some people only enter a sweepstake occasionally and win. Others make their living entering sweepstakes and win OFTEN! It doesn’t matter where you are in this continuum, as long as you enter, you have a chance of winning. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and knowing how to increase your odds for winning.

Contest Guru’s Guide to Winning Sweepstakes is all about WINNING.

You will find out about the legalities of sweepstakes; how to find legitimate sweepstakes with fabulous prizes; how NOT to get disqualified; how to leverage software to enter more contests, faster; and how to avoid scams. You’ll also get resources to help you keep your hobby under control and dozens of links to the best sites for finding and entering sweepstakes.

Find out about the exciting world of sweepstakes and join thousands of happy winners who win BIG prizes all the time!

Winning Sweepstakes was first published in 1986 as “Winning Ways.” It was a best seller from day one. Over the years it has been revised numerous times. This is the first Kindle edition.

If you have ever wondered how to win sweepstakes be sure to download this book now! You too will soon be entering the Winner’s Circle.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say:

You too can be a WINNER: In addition to giving great information on why sweepstakes are FREE to enter, the author, Melanie Rockett provides details on the many different kinds of sweepstakes and which ones have the best odds for winning. She goes through the dozens of different ways to find great contests and how to spot and stay away from potential scams.

In the past I’ve entered a few sweeps but found all the forms annoying and the fact that I got loads of spam even more annoying. In this book you will find out about programs that can help you automate the form filling process and websites that will help you keep track of everything you have entered. Melanie also gives you her own personal system for keeping the spam to a minimum.

This book is a fascinating look into the world of sweepstakes. You can be sure I will be entering more often and with a bit of luck (and the secrets) winning more often.

See what readers had to say:

I have consistently entered sweepstakes throughout my life, but have never considered myself a winner, which is why I decided to pick up this book. The title sounded intriguing and I thought it would help me have more luck at winning. After reading it, I am so glad that I made the choice to buy it. I learned so many things about sweepstakes that I never knew before and you probably do not know either!

The author has an obvious knowledge about the ins and outs of sweepstakes and happily shares them with her readers. I did not know most of the tips provided, which I was pleasantly surprised about. I really thought that winning contests in stores and such was strictly about luck, but it is not! If you have given up on sweepstakes because you NEVER win, you will want to give them another shot after reading this book and its amazing tips. You too will be a winner!

~ ~ ~

I have purposely ignored sweepstakes most of my life. Why? Because I never win anything, or at least that has been my mantra all of my life, so I decided to avoid wasting my time entering sweepstakes. After reading this book, however, my mind has been changed. The problem was that I did not know enough about sweepstakes to be successful at them. Did you know that winning only involves 10% chance? I sure didn’t until I read this book!

So what did I learn? A lot!

First, there are many, many different types of sweepstakes – many that I never even heard of, but will certainly be on the lookout for.

Match and win contests, which are the only type of sweepstakes I never entered, are not the way to win.

There are a lot of scams out there, but there are also thousands of legitimate sweepstakes. Now I know how to differentiate between the two.

Where to find sweepstakes and simple techniques to increase my odds of winnings.

Now I’m off to enter some sweepstakes!

~ ~ ~

I have never entered a sweepstakes in my life. I have always walked by those in-store draw boxes saying to myself “I never win. “ Well, DUH moment. Apparently you can’t win if you don’t enter … unless of course, it is a scam.

Well with the encouragement of this inspirational book, things are changing. I’ve already visited several of the sites the author recommended, and I’ve already entered 10 contests. Tonight I will take the time to try out (free trial) some of the time-saving software she recommends.

When I saw the list of prizes that it was possible to win, I was hooked. And I laughed when I read the author’s bio. She won BIG prizes in the first two sweeps she ever entered. No wonder she kept on going.

Talking about scams and spam, the author gives loads of tips on how to avoid both. Loads of resources and tools and of course … “the secrets to winning.”

I am definitely motivated and claim my “I am a winner” bragging rights.